19 February 2010

Coffee Time

 The pleasant surprise that arrived today!

There's nothing we like more here in the bush than a good cup of coffee, whether its that 6am wake up shot, or a long relaxing one after supper.

Having shared my love for coffee with a few other bloggers out there, I had a very kind offer from someone to send me some decent coffee. Having worked in the charitable business for a few years now I have unfortunately developed a slight scepticism towards people's promises of well-doing as they often don't follow through. So how pleasantly surprised I was to hear from my colleagues in South Africa (where our postal address is) that I had received a parcel all the way from Seattle in the US. "There's only person I know there" I thought, Melody from www.StarbucksMelody.com. Wow she was actually true to her word! I shouldn't be so surprised but I am, so a BIG thank you to Melody for the effort of posting me some delicious coffee, much appreciated! My hope in people's good intentions is restored!

See picture below for an interesting spot to enjoy one's coffee on the go!

Mobile Coffee spot / 3 piece suite and coffee table


  1. that's a very interesting coffee shop.

  2. Glad you finally got it! That really took a long time in transit!

  3. yup, all we need now is the espresso machine hooked up to the car's battery!

  4. I see Greg loafing as usual ;-)
    hi guys !
    Denise CT

  5. Hey Denise!
    Greg is hard at work, counselling one of our more interesting patients.
    Apparently he does it in the car so if it gets to hectic he can bail out!....

  6. Great blog Andy.
    Hugs to you and Greg.
    Denise X

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