18 December 2009

killing time...

Don't worry, there isn't a crazed killer on the loose, its just another hot day in the bush and there's an Cow to be killed for the community Christmas party. (that's not me in the above photo by the way!)

The community xmas party is tomorrow and mad preparations are under way. We received extra re-enforcements of 6 people to help us with the preparations, but now 5 of them are down sick for the last 2 days with a stomach bug! agghh! will we be ready in time!? watch this space...


  1. thought you ate all the breads that didn't sell...lol!

  2. Yes the guy in the picture looks a little intimidating - Not the kind of picture that one things of when thinking about Christmas preparations! LOL

  3. #sarah - no i give them away! otherwise i'd be more overweight!