about me

I am a serial procrastinator and seem to have been putting off the writing of a description on here for ages. So here are a few basics:

  • My name is Andrew - although I get called Andy a lot and don't mind either one.
  • I'm 26 years old - feeling pretty young at the moment, with the average age of my colleagues about 38, at least my mom listened to cool 80's music when I was growing up so I can fit right in!
  • Currently living in southern Mozambique -which is where the Mozbak bakery is located.
I always wanted to be interviewed one day... So now that I'm writing a blog I can interview myself and in doing so answer a few of the question's I get asked most frequently (FAQ's).

Are you a baker by trade?
Definitely not, although I've learnt a thing or two and did once have a job delivering pizzas - is that a qualification? probably not... I don't even do most of the baking as I wanted to provide employment to the local community here, and currently have 2 bakers working full time

Why a bakery?
I was always keen to start my own business and the opportunity was made available to me here to do something. Bread was popular and our previous supplier was unreliable. A business plan was hatched and 18 months later we're up and running.

Are you originally from Mozambique?
No, I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but moved to the UK when I was 3, lived there for 16 years, then back to Cape Town in late 2002 and on to Mozambique for the first time in December 2005.

Where does the name MozBak come from?
Mozambique Bakery - It was a name for the project when I was communicating with my chief financial adviser... go Dad!

Do you just look after the bakery all day?
Unfortunately it actually gets too little of my time. I live on a farm and help look after various projects, generally getting involved in everyday issues, be they maintenance, kitchen, stock purchasing, labour, finances etc etc.

What's the weather like?
Is that a real question?!
but since you ask... its mostly very hot, with winters being warm and dry, summers bloody hot and wet!

any more questions feel free to comment!