25 February 2010


The orphanage - almost complete

I thought I'd give a mention to another one of the projects we currently have under way here. The Alulamile Children's Village. A place to provide a home, love and care to children orphaned in our surrounding community.

Construction is almost complete (when are builders ever  on time!?) but we are still outstanding some materials so I spent the whole of the afternoon yesterday drafting an appeal letter with photo's to show to local building suppliers in a hope of receiving donations that can see us through to completion.

Today some of my colleagues are off to Maputo to see if they can make any headway in getting the outstanding materials. I wish them luck! and hope they return with the car overloaded!



  1. that's a big undertaking. is the profit from the bakery going to support the orphanage?

  2. I'm with Sarah - That is a huge undertaking. How many children will stay in the orphanage? Will the older children help a little with the bakery? I'm convinced you have a heart of gold.

  3. #Sarah - i wish the profits could support it, but at the moment we're barely covering costs. Hopefully sales will pick up and that will change soon!
    #melody - This project isn't under my leadership but a colleague of mine's, I help with a bit of logistics but otherwise he's in charge of construction! I can't do everything!