26 April 2010

April update

 Our dogs sniff out a predator in their midst - baby crocodile!

Wow, what a month its been. Starting with two late night armed robberies of our closest neighbour, some 3am snake catching incidents, almost losing the rice crop and generally being under-staffed and under-financed, we've taken some strain to say the least.

All is not lost though, things are gradually progressing at the orphanage. I've managed to find some time to help out with the painting, and although I'm no Picasso, it seems to be looking good!

I've been busy recently writing up some reports on what we do here for our parent ministry's website http://www.healingwings.co.za, in the process I was looking through some of my old photo's and found the one posted above. The baby crocodile was caught by some of the guys on their way through to our beach camp. don't worry its mouth is cable tied closed so it can't attack any of the dogs!

1 comment:

  1. The photos that you come up with for your blog are phenomenal. Crocodiles, monkeys, animals. Such a story you tell with pics. Great wild outdoors. Sorry to hear you're under such a strain. It looks like you've perhaps slowed down on the blogging. Hope to see ya' back.