3 June 2010

back in Moz

 Orphanage - with local community kids

Apologies for my long absence from all things blogging...  I have been lucky enough to go away to Europe for a few weeks to visit family, but am now very much back in Mozambique.

I was very surprised upon my return to see that one of my colleagues had convinced the bakers to arrive at 3am in the morning to commence baking so we now have fresh bread in time for our 8am breakfast! what a treat, but it should have always been this way...

The Orphanage is also coming along nicely, it now has all the glass for the windows in so can be locked and secured. This means its now ready for some of the fixtures and fittings to go inside. Hope fully this won't take too long and it'll be up and running soon.

The rice is also now all harvested. Its currently drying off in a warehouse before it can be packaged up and sold. Fortunately most of it was saved despite the heavy flooding.


  1. love the post - and the pic. of the kids and orphanage!! i do have a question, hope you don't mind:) my hubby and i have always wanted to move to Africa (we're in the construction industry) and am wondering if there are jobs/contacts in your area? any help would be greatly appreciated!
    emily brothers

  2. Andy, there is a group of us visiting from SA in July and would love to pop in at the bakery. Please let me know where you are exactly to see if this can be worked into our schedule.