4 November 2009

'Shocking' update

Those that follow my updates will have heard the previous news about the installation of an electricity meter box. Simple enough, pay your money (quite a lot) and they come and install it. So I happened to be discussing it with the bakers and they told me they only paid 1600 Mt to have a box installed at their houses, they are charging me 5915 Mt!. "Must be because you're white" they said, this wouldn't surprise me but I did have a bit more faith in people. Off to the electricity department i went this morning to collect my papers for the box and of course the question came to mind;

Andy -"how come I'm being charged more than 3 times what everyone else is?"
Electricity Guy (E.G.) - "you're box is more than 40 metres from the transformer"
Andy - "so I need to pay for the extra wire?"
EG - "Yes"
Andy - "But I already have the wire installed, the electricity works fine now, I just need the box"
EG - "but where did you get the wire from?"
Andy - " you guys sold it to me 8 months ago"
EG - "ah but we have no record, it must have been an illegal sale, so we must charge you for it..."

I left it at that, no point fighting a lost cause, but its pretty upsetting when you're trying to do something for the community and people just take advantage...

Just to show all is not depressing out here in the bush, I have posted a picture of one of the new horses that we are stabling on the farm, a young foal called Abby. I'm not much of a horsey person but she does look cute.


  1. The more I read from you the more I really realize that although the scenery changes around the world, people do not. oh well, at least the world has more honest people then dishonest in it.

  2. the only silver lining is: you get the better side of discrimination - they think you are rich. :)

  3. not too sure its much of a silver lining!