23 October 2009

'Shocking' News

Excuse the pun but I did get a bit of a shock this morning, the local electricity department wants me to install a meter box for the Bakery. Now its not like I'm getting free electricity at the moment, currently I'm just getting from another meter box (on our farm) about 100 metres away. Despite this the local department reckon I need my own separate box at a price of 5,500 MT (200 USD / 1500 Rand). Money that I don't just keep lying around...
To be honest we did just receive an anonymous donation (thanks Dudley!) to complete the building works, but now it looks like I will have to use most of this to pay off the bill for the new meter box. I did have ideas of trying to stall them and stretch out the process but I think I better just get it over and done with. Mozambique, for such a poor country, has a lot of red tape to get anything done!


  1. Some things just aren't that different no matter what part of the world you are in

  2. 2 comments disappeared on me. this is the third try...just wanted to say 200 is a LOT of money for that country!

  3. yup 200 USD is 1150 breads!