4 January 2010

car trouble

Break down in paradise

As if right on cue, the new year has started with car problems. I was due to drive the re-supply trip through to the beach camp but someone else asked to go instead, being the kind (haha) person I am, I let them go. The result being they're still stuck there as the clutch disk burnt out on the way back. So far they have been stuck there since Friday the 1st Jan! Stuck in paradise, not too bad.

clutch repair team!

Having purchased a new clutch disk on Saturday we needed another car to give us (and mechanic) a lift there to fix it - typical catch 22 situation. We do have another car here - a land rover defender - but that is also broken so this morning was spent trying to fix that to drive through and fix the Nissan at the beach. Needless to say we don't have the parts to fix the land-rover so we were stuck again. That is until a friend came by with his helicopter to airlift our mechanic, clutch disk and tools out to the beach camp.
Interesting morning so far!

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  1. a helicopter ride beats a land rover anyday!