3 January 2010

New Year

A belated happy new year to everyone!
I hope you all had a good one, things here were very quiet. My quietest new years to date I'd have to say. What I did enjoy though was the 'late' wake up of 6:45 am on new years day, what a treat! This was, however, made bearable by the fact that I didn't drink and therefore had no hangover :)
Unfortunately the Christmas and New Years period has seen us suffering from a spate of break-ins and small scale robberies. Nothing major has been taken fortunately but it really annoys me that we get taken advantage of like this when all we are trying to do here is help people out. I guess I should stick to the humble approach of "They obviously needed it (whatever they took) more than us, so let them have it". Easy to agree with in principle but would I be as humble if some of my prized possessions were among the things taken? Hmm, one to ponder for a while...


  1. well i would be pissed off if it happened to me. happy new year!

  2. If they needed something, they could have asked.