10 December 2009

Horse play

So we really are minimum people here right now, the one guy who was meant to take over looking after the horses just left abruptly this morning, and the current horse whisperer - who is going on holiday tomorrow - just fell off a horse and dislocated his shoulder. ouch! not for his arm...what am I going to do with these horses!?

I got a good question the other day about how and what we drink out here. Water is of course the major beverage of choice but although we have a borehole, pump and tank here, the water from the ground is not drinkable (you can drink it but it tastes foul). As a result we have to drive in drinking water in 20L plastic bottles every day. as seen in the pic below:

Of course my favourite drink is coffee, which has to be made with the fresh drinking water and despite living in the middle of no where we have between 4 people, 2 kettles, 2 bean grinders, 3 french presses and 1 espresso machine!

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  1. french press for me please! (lovely new background)