21 December 2009


Party time!

"This beats bingo at the old age home anyday!"

"I'll keep a safe distance, thank you!"

So the community Xmas party went off with a bang, not literally you'll be glad to know! I spent most of the morning trying to make sure a large rock stayed in place over the connection of a power cable, otherwise the music cut off!
Presents were given out, pandemonium ensued, smiles alround, visits from old friends, tearful farewells, we had it all! Too much in fact as I managed to salvage a collection of remote controlled cars that didn't find a home. Some we'll give out on xmas day the others I'm going to try and fix up to race around the office when I'm bored!


  1. I love your blog. I know I say that every time I come here, but it's so true. You have great pictures, and you're bringing to life in your blog a world that I'd otherwise never see. Thank you for that. Your community Christmas party looks like it was fun! What were the presents given out and where do they come from? Thanks. Melody

  2. thanks melody!
    the toys came courtesy of a very generous donation from toys-r-us in south africa, 50 boxes worth in all!