14 December 2009

Sad Sales

It is with great regret that I have to let you know Mango is no longer with us. Having 6 real people to look after as well as 80 staff, 15 goats, 11 horses, 105 cows, 7 dogs and 1 cat I just couldn't provide Mango with the full time love and attention he deserves. Don't worry though I have found him a wonderful foster family at the beach about 30km from here where he is being well looked after and can spend every day with this glorious view!

Hopefully his new parents will allow me visitations when I get through to the beach camp...

The title of the post is sad sales as in a run of bad events thats how the sales figures are looking for this month. In order for me to really get the bakery profitable (rather than just covering costs) I've found that I have to get out there with a bag of breads on my back - or in the car - and sell the breads myself. As I have been distracted with various other happenings that required my attention I have had to step back and wind down production somewhat. All of which disappoints me greatly :(

During December the local population here increases, as a lot of people who have jobs working in neighbouring South Africa in mining or construction come home for the holidays complete with their festive pay packets. It could be a great time to get production up again and make some profit to drive us into the new year and complete all building works and look for expansion. Lets wait and see but I will remain as positive as ever! :)


  1. Hi there! Do have to sell almost 'door to door' so to speak because your location is so rural. You have no idea how much I love your blog. What you're doing IS so interesting. I still want to know what you drink in Mozambique and if you drink coffee! (I will send you coffee!)

    Those pics of Mango were so sweet. Hopefully he's happy in his new home.

  2. Thanks melody!

    check out this post:
    specially refers to our coffee drinking here!

  3. mango will have a jolly old time at the beach front. good luck with the sales!

  4. When you said he was no longer with you I was worried that Mango had passed away, I'm glad to hear he's doing well, just relocated. Phew!