6 December 2009

a lick of paint

Amazing sometimes what a lick of paint can do, you probably haven't noticed from the photo above but the once ugly cement grey oven on the left hand side now has a beautiful coat of white paint. OK so I'm exaggerating just a bit, but it does look better, from the front at least. In fact I'm convinced its worth biting the bullet and splashing out (excuse the pun) on more paint to finish the rear wall as well.

Sales have been slowing up of late as I've been too busy to be on top of things pushing it, I do now have an extra sales person. She works at another of the local community projects and is also the 'bread for wood' coordinator. Which is handy as any unsold breads are split in groups of 5 and one load of wood for each 5 breads. That is after I have taken out for the soup kitchen and local prisoners. So... less sales but I'm still managing to donate breads, just not generating as much income.

Poor Alfonso is working on his own for the second time this week as Alberto has severe tooth ache. He's going to the dentist tomorrow so lets hope he's back on form as soon as possible!


  1. o it looks better--that's the exact reason we use makeup.

  2. Sarah's comment is true...

    So I'm relatively new to the game... I've never read about how you get started in this?

  3. hey kristy,
    not a definitive history...but check out the post below: it explains a bit!