14 October 2009

Bread for... Wood

Those who've been reading about my escapades for a while now will know that I 've been suffering from a chronic shortage of wood. Cries to our Colleagues in South Africa to borrow the Chainsaw were met with a blunt "use the handsaw!", Fine I thought, I can do that. But its just too time consuming. I needed to outsource the wood collecting and cutting but in an affordable way. The solution! Bread for wood of course!

As my catchy name aptly describes, this scheme involves trading bread for wood, one 'load' for 5 breads. A load is hard to define size-wise but in this area its well acknowledged to be the most wood one lady can carry on her head and still walk easily (think of all the variables...)

After some heated negotiations I have found some very willing participants in this scheme right next door in my neighbours from the Mamana Mudada Arts and Crafts community project. They are all active customers as it is, I just hope the lure of too many 'free' breads doesn't stop them buying from us completely.


  1. hmm you may want to limit it to one woman, one load a day for one loaf of bread. imagine if you have 50 - you'll have to close shop!

  2. Yeah, you might want to re think that. Sounds like your paying customers may not be paying for much longer.