18 August 2009

another day another bread

Well its 11:30pm and i'm still up, just finished watching 'Quantem of Solace", one of the better Bond movies. As for this secret agents movements, he's off to the bakery to supervise the night shift. Today went pretty well 89 breads produced but not on time in all cases. Thats why the baker was due back in at 6pm to prepare tomorrows order (120 breads). I'm keen to fill the larger order, to prove production can go to that scale but also because i need that cash to cover the purchase of further ingredients from Maputo tomorrow. Needless to say the baker (Alfonso) only arrived at 8:30pm, positively on time by Mozambiquan standards!

After using 1kg bags of flour these last 2 weeks I'm finally supersizing to 50kg bags tomorrow with two on order. This should make life easier and more economical. quite how i'm going to store the flower will be interesting. I have a large capacity Addis plastic trommel. hopefully that will work.

More pics to follow tomorrow...

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