30 August 2009

Sunday night

The end of another week, and MozBak's 2nd in operation. I must admit its going a little slower than I would have liked. Despite the loss (hopefully temporary) of my one sole employee, I have struggled on and am happy to say I've baked enough bread to repay my stock purchases earlier
this week.

Lessons learnt? I'm always learning but I guess I'm realising how reliant I was on the baker. Just 2 weeks in and his absence has had a major effect. Chatting to someone today I realised that it should actually be me passing on the baking trade to someone else, and hence the project should only be relying on me right now. Perhaps it is too soon but I am definitely still toying with the idea of bringing someone else on at apprentice level. They may not be able to bake unsupervised (the night shift but can hopefully bake under supervision for now. That would be real on-the-job training, upliftment and passing on of skills, goals I've always had for this project.

On a positive note I received an offer of sponsorship for a larger oven today, who would have thought, it came pretty much out of the blue and I don't really know what to make of it just yet. stay tuned... Keeping things positive I have posted a picture of the small lemon tree thats growing outside the front of the Bakery. I didn't plant this but it was growing wild and I discovered it upon clearing the site. I've given it some careful pruning and hopefully it will grow and bear fruit as the metaphor for what I wish MozBak to become! :)

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