29 August 2009

Slow Slow Slow

Everything that goes up must come down. Just when I ithought things were off to a fantastic start it all seems to have ground to a halt now. I say a halt but yesterday I still managed to bake 17 breads myself, in itself not a bad thing but what income was missed... Last night I had orders for 200 breads that I obviously fell way short on, but a little bit of income is still something.
Perhaps I need to look into having another baker, even if they're just part time, they can come on board when the need arises, such as now!
On a different note, I went to visit Alfonso in his village today, a very sad sight. He had some family and friends around but looked obviously depressed. Speaking little Portuguese I tried to pass on my condolences and gave him a hug but felt unsure what else I could do. I think he might be back at work earlier next week, the funeral is tomorrow, but i'm not pushing it and will just have to wait and see what happens.

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