20 August 2009

domestic bliss pt. 2

Yup its that time again... past midnight and I've just been and done my rounds checking on progress. 50 breads made so far, shame poor Alfonso's wife is sleeping on the floor of the office. Perhaps regretting her decision to try and bust him for playing away... Better safe than sorry though and yes I did feel bad for her and went and got her a mattress, its a cold night though, the sky is periodically lit up by lightning and it appears rain is on the way. Great news when you live in a reed roofed house with more holes in than an Iraqi submarine. Three weeks ago when we last had rain i woke in a huge puddle (no I didn't have an accident...) I'll take the mop down to the house just in case I think.

My first bulk order of flour came in from Maputo this evening, only 100 kilos but its a start. That should be enough to tie me through till early next week. Tomorrow I'd like to produce the full bread order for my primary customer and also be able to sell, from the oven, 10 to 20 breads for some much needed cash in hand.

Thats all for tonight, these 18hr days are wearing me out and I'm off to make a hot cup of Milo and walk down to my house. Ciao

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