25 August 2009

Mamana Mudada Community Project

Just want to give some free advertising to the girls and their community project, Mumana Mudada. Hopefully I'll be helping them to set up their own website/blog in the near future, but until then I've posted a few pics of the products they are teaching local ladies from our community to make.

This area is rife with HIV/AIDS and the poverty is appalling, on top of this women in the local society have to do all of the work, looking after the children, working the land, and often holding down a second job. Mamana Mudada was started to try and uplift and empower the ladies of the local community, teaching them skills such as jewellery design and enabling them to earn an income independent of that of their husbands (which in this community is unfortunately often spent on alcohol).

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  1. This is great Andy. I just came across the group on Facebook. I think the initiative has great potential.