20 August 2009

wood missions and a lost dog

Last night we made 140 breads, 20 of which i would have to try and sell myself. All was set to go this morning, then one of the dogs went missing. It just happened to be my favourite, Levi, so we got the guys together and went out in the bush. 3 hours later still no sign of him so I called it off for the morning and tried to catch up on the office emails. 10 emails in the space of one hour whilst I was out, haha it almost feels like a have a proper job!! All was not lost though at 3pm one of the local staff came to tell me Levi was caught in a snare a few hundred metres from the orphanage. Wire Cutters in hand I met with a very happy Levi who must think i'm his guardian angel or somehting as this is the second snare I've freed him from in 2 weeks.

The wood pile for the oven ran out today so I've been climbing trees, cutting branches, and hunting in the bush for the best pieces I can find. I have lots of good small dry stuff but the best is a native thorn tree here, according to my nature book its a type of Acacia tree, either the 'scented thorn' or 'Umbrella thorn'. Anyhow, it is a good hard wood and makes great coals, which should give it longer heat producing time.

The oven is on now and Alfonso, hopefully without wife, should be arriving soon... I'm off now to cut up the wood i collected earlier.

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