23 August 2009

Work never quite finished

Hello from a beautiful sunny morning in Mozambique. Last night we didn't bake as todays order would have been so small as to make profit negligible and therefore i made saturdays Alfonso's day off. We'll start again from tonight though. Before then i'll have to organise more wood (this is going to be an ongoing story) and get sawing / chopping to make sure we have enough for tonight and maybe tomorrow.

I have posted a view of the rear of the building, as you can see its only half painted and it was here that the building cash ran out. Obviously we are now baking and I'm extremely happy about that, but the job is far from over. I am hoping to divert some of the income from the next week or two towards buying paint, wood for shelving and desk, making shutters and one or two other jobs that still need to be done. The french drain is also not yet completed, waste water from sink runs into it but it still needs to be covered with a sheet of thick plastic then covered in topsoil.
During a strategy meeting on friday afternoon for the way forward for the NGO (its not all about the bakery!!) I raised something that had been on my mind for a few months now, MozBak 2, yes I know its early days but i'll let you know more in the next post. stay tuned!

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