26 August 2009


Just received some fresh stock in, and not a moment too soon. Could only make 100 breads tonight as the stock of flour ran out, not ideal when I'm trying to boost sales, now we'll lose out on the sale of +/- 30 breads tomorrow. Income we can't afford to be losing at this stage.
I am happy though that I am now the proud owner of 10 Kg of instant yeast. I could start brewing beer, but alas my drinking days are behind me and I have bread to sell! This should last me a good few weeks I hope as right now I'm spending our income on ingredients as fast as we're earning it. This doesn't sound great but I would like to always be in a position of having stock on hand, this 'fly by the seat of your pants' inventory control is not what I had originally envisaged.
Other stock to arrive tonight included cooking oil, which up until now hasn't been in my dough. However, following comments from two of my colleagues, who have slightly more knowledge of all things culinary, I am going to try adding half a cup into one of tomorrow nights dough mixes and see what difference it makes. Change isn't for everyone and I don't want to change the basic 'Pao' recipe too much and lose business.

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