24 August 2009

Wheeling and Dealing

I bit the bullet and decided to buy some flour locally to ensure I could bake tonight and tomorrow night before the Maputo shop on wednesday. It cost me about 10% more than it might have at a wholesalers in Maputo but at this stage of the game I think thats an OK sacrifice. Of course nowhere in Bela Vista, our local 'town', sells flour by the 50kilos... I had to push my pigeon portuguese to the limit, bartering with a rival bakery owner to buy some of his stock. Word is evidently out and he was keen to grill me on how things were going at my little Bakery, well at least I think that was what he was asking. Competition didn't seem to deter him though and he was happy to sell to me

Not knowing if I would get more flour today or not kept me conservative with last nights bake, only 118 breads. All of which went to my one major customer. Tonight though I'm going to try for 150 and get back in the sales market. I'm becoming quite a regular sight, walking around the farm with a big sack of fresh breads over my shoulder, spreading the word (and aroma) and selling to anyone who wants.

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