10 October 2009

Another week another move

I can't actually believe it but circumstances have again dictated that I change sleeping arrangements. I have now gone from the main house to one of the little cottages - nicknamed the 'thatch patch' by the girls. Despite having a very effeminate name and walls that can't support the weight of the roof (cracks everywhere, scary stuff!) its actually quite a comfortable arrangement. We managed to connect the water supply so now have a toilet and shower and only 2 people to a room that used to sleep 6, so I guess I should be counting my blessings. The photo I have posted is not the best but today is overcast and grey, so the 'thatch patch' is not looking terribly photogenic.

Yesterday was a successful day in a few regards, we received another 200kg of flour and 10kg yeast from Maputo which means we now can operate with a bit of a surplus. This is as opposed to just getting in supplies at the last minute before or sometimes after we have already run out!
Sales wise, we're sitting on 230 breads today and counting, i'm still really hoping we'll turn a profit this month but its looking good so far.


  1. looks like a great hut. watch out for the snakes though. :)

  2. He already found the snake three posts back. Good look with the sales Andy

  3. right now we're trying to keep the door always closed to keep out snakes but i think they live in the thatched roof!