28 October 2009

Rocky outcrop...

There I was innocently minding my own business, logged in to blogger about to post an entry on the roof we built over the bakery oven today when in comes one of the girls screaming. "Ugh Agh! there's a huge lizard in my bedroom!" there goes my peaceful lunch break. It was only quite a small (30cm) rock monitor in the end, I say small as they can grow up to 90cm.

I ended up just removing it from the girls sight, letting it go a few metres behind their house. Out of sight, out of mind, just as well as the lizard just hissed and ran back into the woodwork of their walls. Don't tell anyone!


  1. Ooh, I'd like one thank you. Suppose on a farm you'd have enough time and space to keep it. I can't keep one in a flat :-( How were the rusks? Did you trick anyone into breaking a tooth (or two)? LOL Oh and the elec problem is just as bad here in SA. My small flat can land me an account anything between R 400 and R 800 lately. When I first moved in (2 yrs ago) was only R 130 a month.

  2. We could keep it I suppose, but shame at least one of the girls was really freaked out!
    never tricked anyone with the rusks in the end, but only because I ate most of them myself...strictly for quality control purposes you understand ;)

  3. i don't like lizards, so thank you for letting it go. better yet, make a soup out of it. just kidding!