13 October 2009

My Current Abode

Due to popular demand, well one or two people, I've posted a few more pictures. Today just showing my current living arrangements, the "thatch patch" - still not convinced with name... but I'm getting used to it.
The first picture shows the view looking to the front from outside, one inside shot, and one looking out from my front door.
Try as I might I can't make it look too great as we've got another grey, overcast and humid day today. Good old Mozambican weather.


  1. I somehow get the feeling that these are not the living arrangements you were once used to. I don't think I could personally ever make such a home work for me, but it's quite beautiful in its simplicity, nevermind the scenery. Thanks for the peek :)

  2. just imagine you're vacationing on some excluded island without modern conveniences. they charge big bucks for that!

  3. I personally think its a great place. Does it keep the rain off you?

  4. It leaks on my bed in when its anything more than light rain!
    I grew up in the relatively civilised UK so its not really what i'm used to but after 3 years here I'm adjusting!