27 October 2009

blogs, bugs and mosquitoes

Mozambique is apparently the only country in the world to have an AK-47 on its national flag. A symbol of the civil and colonial wars that devastated the country but brought independence. The other symbol, crossed with the AK-47 is the humble 'Hoe' a sign of the people, work and agriculture. Quite an encompassing flag when you consider most nations' don't have any symbols on theirs, but there is something missing. The national emblem of Mozambique is nothing without the country's mascot - the mosquito. Never is a relaxing night to be had when there is always the sound of formula one engines being tested (buzzing...). Last night was especially bad, we've had some rains the last few days allowing the mosquitoes to breed and now you can only get about 3 hours sleep before waking to find yourself already scratching all over from bites.

The rains also bring with them all manner of other strange creatures, such as the one pictured to the right. Looks like a pretty big beetle but its not even the largest they get, its just one I happened to photograph the night before last (yes, I know my foot is dirty, I live on a farm!).

This week has also seen the arrival of five new horses so the boys are very busy maintaining everything and I'm busy trying to work out how much its all costing us and who's going to pay, an expensive business.

Who hasn't been arriving, on time, are the bakers which is getting a bit annoying, they cite transport problems and I have some sympathy but its throwing quite a spanner in the works.


  1. this reminds me of the mosquito net i grew up with, and the constant mosquito incense we had to burn in summer nights. the clicking noise the geckos on the wall made. ah the tropics! sounds like you need a mosquito net.

  2. With the bug in the picture I don't think anyone is going to notice you have dirty feet there farm boy.

  3. I'm not a big fan of mozzie nets, all feels a bit claustrophobic, especially on the sweltering summer nights. survived 2 years so far without one so i will see, ordered some repellent today!