6 October 2009

bread bonus

I'm really impressed with the way sales are totting up so far for October. In the first 6 days alone I have sold more bread personally than we did in 26 days last month! (this doesn't include the farm my contracted customer). I can attribute this to the previously posted "Bazza bonus", as well as just getting the word out there that bread is for sale here! I have also tried to ensure that I always have breads on hand to sell, any of the days produce not sold is donated to the afternoon's soup kitchen that's run for children in the community, so is not in my view a huge loss anyway.

After much deliberation, and more than a little internet research I have come to the conclusion that yesterdays snake was in fact a female boomslang and not a vine snake. Apologies to all Herpetologists (I think that's what snake experts are called). A boomslang, male or female, is of course still a deadly snake and one worth avoiding!!

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