19 October 2009

weekend update

My one colleague Manuel has a young daughter and has been asking me for a while to borrow my camera to take some pics for his extended family. Sure I thought, no worries there, no photos to take this weekend. Then of course we decided to have a pizza night last night and after hours slaving away creating bases and cooking the pizzas I couldn't take any photos for the blog! apologies there! Instead I've dug around on my flash disk and posted a pic of myself standing in the gaping hole where the oven now lies. How little I knew at the time at what lay ahead!
The 'Bread for wood' scheme is still going great with a steady stream of ladies queueing up (not literally) to collect wood in their lunch breaks in exchange for 5 breads. In fact though sales have gone so well this morning that I don't actually have enough breads on hand to pay them now and will have to bake more later.
On the snake front this week I spotted something interesting, well scary actually. A large snake skin is now hanging from the roof of the thatched Gazebo where the previously photographed juvenile boomslang lives. I wonder if this means he now has the bright green and yellow colouring of the adult male, I'll have to investigate...

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