12 October 2009

Who needs professionals anyway

There's a common myth, admittedly also once believed by me, that if something doesn't work or needs to be installed you need to call the relevant expert. Well this weekend has seen myself and my colleagues putting our hands to all sorts of odd jobs one might usually pay serious bucks for someone else to do for you!

Satellite TV - Now I always thought you had to call someone in to fix up your satellite. The myth being that it has to be at exactly the right angle. It does but this doesn't mean it can't be your friend 20ft up a wobbly ladder with you inside shouting "left, left, left, up...NO! too much" etc. Oh well it worked for us.

Gas water Geysers - need a plumber? just screw in the right pipes to the right inlet / outlets, and if it explodes? well it hasn't happened yet... I'm sure these modern things have safety features, at least they ought to!

Last but not least we took apart an espresso machine this morning to unblock all the various pipes, tubes, heaters, filters. I thought the thing was a write off but its working great now and the coffee is fantastic!


  1. and after you're done with all that i have a couple of chores for you boys in my house... :)

  2. lol.. jack of all trades master of none I'm afraid!

  3. I hope you are Corgi registered to work on gas :-)

  4. yeah i had a mate who was a plumber in the UK who told me about corgi registration... like i said though, no need for such things in the bush! although our current guyser shoots flames out the sides and we have a grass thatched roof, perhaps not the best idea!

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