17 October 2009

Sales team

Last night I opted to drive the bakers home rather than have them take a taxi, along for the ride was also about twelve of our younger members of staff wanting a ride into town.

Wanting to capitalise on the number of locals I had with me I took 10 breads to sell on the way. Two stops later the breads were all sold to some happy customers. One who said she would take 7 breads every day, nice score for us.
One of our employees Emilio (on left of picture with Solomoau on right) definitely has the entrepreneurial touch and has pointed out some prime places and times where I can go and sell bread. One of which is at the local secondary school. A lot of hungry kids there apparently and Emilio is keen to come along and help me sell. Whether this is a completely altruistic act or because he wants to be seen driving up to school in a car I'm not sure yet, but i'm grateful for the help!

1 comment:

  1. hmm robbing from hungry school kids now eh? :) emilio looks like a smart guy with a lot of tricks up in his sleeves.