22 October 2009


Musk - No, not the smell of someone who hasn't showered for 3 days, but one of the nicknames we came up with for the rusks I baked yesterday. The name of course comes from the cross between muffins and rusks which is how they taste. The other suggestion of "Ruffins" is actually the better sounding name...
My patience didn't quite hold to wait the full 12 hours between indulging myself so they were still a little soft in the middle and tasted somewhat like a cookie. Still very tasty though, although 2 (of the 4) batches were burnt on the bottom by someone leaving them in the oven too long... not me please note!

1 comment:

  1. I don't know about ruffins. Sounds like a dog treat for Scooby Doo. Stick with musks. :)