14 October 2009

Cast of thousands

Following on from yesterdays revelations as to the current living conditions, I've decided to include a few pictures of the people that make it all happen around here, or not happen as is often the case...

Mad Mike: - often to be found lounging in bed citing one ailment or another. Currently he's down with an 'ear infection', amazingly it got better after this morning's work allocation finished and he had gotten out of doing anything! I thought some time with the horses might be therapeutic but even they look scared...

Dangerous Dave - Proprietor of the "Salon de Thatch Patch" and knows a thing or two about plumbing. I won't write anything libellous about Dave as he trimmed my hair this afternoon and saved me from what was rapidly becoming an 80's Mullet.

Just plain Shane - Don't let the 70's porn star moustache fool you Shane is a vital member of the team, always there when you need him and still there long after you don't. Fortunately Shane found time in his busy schedule today to help clear up for Dave's hairdressing antics.

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