30 October 2009

Rain on me

Summer is here and the rains have arrived, great for our rice paddies but not so cool for everyday life on the farm. My flip flops (sandals) have worn down to racing slicks so walking on any flat surface has me doing an Olympic ice skating impersonation.

The rain has also been creating problems with our oven. If it gets wet, which it was, then it takes longer to come up to temperature and the clay outer insulation has shown an increase in cracking. Something had to be done so off we went into the bush to get some 'straight' poles to create a temporary roof. As you can see from the photo on the right they weren't exactly straight but hey if it works it works. Our motto here has long been "make a plan!" and thats what we try and do as materials aren't always readily available, if at all. 

The roof is now up and it actually works, now I just have to worry about a strong gust of wind blowing the whole thing away! If anything though I now have more determination to get the side insulating walls completed.


  1. Yip, n boer maak a plan. The rain is getting to me. Haven't been able to wear any dresses never mind swim so far this year :-(

  2. summer rain is better than winter rain. it's not as cold when you're wet. good luck with the oven.