3 October 2009

Thanks to all

Wow, so I was wondering if anyone was actually reading my blog, ended up commenting on some forums, and now by magic, I have followers and a lot more hits. A big thank you to everyone who's visited and posted comments.

The last few days have been incredibly busy, both on the farm and at the bakery. A new month has started and I'm out to set myself some greater sales targets, I would really like to employ more people and finish the oven construction but can only do this with the extra income produced from sales. So If you're wandering the wilds of southern Mozambique please do pop by and buy some bread!!

Thursday afternoon saw me playing nurse / ambulance driver in the local community. One of our employees' father had fallen asleep next to the fire and burnt his whole back. I'm not sure what sort of detail i should go into (some people are squeamish i know...) but lets just say that they were serious burns that melted off the skin and the smell was something else... Luckily I could get him to the local clinic where he's now recuperating. Not that the medical care here is much to write home (or blog!) about. We waited for 2 and a half hours just for him to be seen by a doctor! try writing to your local MP / congressman about that one!

This morning I'm still suffering with the flu and a distinct lack of beauty sleep. Trying to brush my teeth at midnight last night I discovered that there was no water. The tank had run empty. Balancing precariously on a home made ladder 3 metres up on the roof in the middle of the night did not help my vertigo but it did show me that the problem was electrical. This was compounded by one of my colleagues getting the (electric) shock of his life this morning whilst investigating the pump wiring. Fortunately it was just a short and easily fixed so you'll be glad to know I did brush my teeth!

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