17 September 2009


After much talk (mostly on here) about how I wanted to branch out and start selling breads to local shops I finally had the transport and bread on hand to go and do it today. At last I thought, some more income. I can employ that baking apprentice, finish the oven, give Alfonso a pay increase... Alas, it wasn't to be! the two shops I had a chance to visit were closed. In total I sold no extra breads other than those of which i have a regular contract to sell (120 per day). so I'm feeling a little bummed about that but I know I must just push on, something will come up if I keep trying!
On the plus side, total sales for Sept have already topped what we managed in August. 1799 this month so far versus 1376 for August.
This afternoon was spent sorting rotten potatoes from good ones to sell. I had know idea something could smell so bad, I'm actually off now to wash my hands with some heavy duty detergent!

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