19 September 2009

Building the oven - Part 1

I've been thinking about if for the last week or so and often get a lot of questions as to how I built my oven. I'd like to get some of my design and building photos posted but to be honest the first step was much simpler than that; researching the design. I had never built anything like this before but somehow was confident I would be able to find all I need to know to build a wood fired oven online. Just put the keywords in Google you might think... yes but then you get 153,000 results, so where to from then? For anyone thinking of following in my footsteps the below list includes a few of the websites I found useful. Note I have not used any of their designs exactly but adapted them to my requirements (more on that later):

Traditional Oven - Quite an extensive site with everything from designs to recipes

Log Cabin Chronicles - Guide to clay oven building, not too technical though.

Forno Bravo Pizza Oven - They sell ovens but have this oven design available for free online.

Fitzpatrick wood fired oven - Good photos on this site from their oven build.

I found these sights useful but most of them are based on designs for outdoor pizza ovens, nothing wrong with that, but i felt the need to adapt this for my needs. Namely I wanted the oven door to open into the bakery and not to be fed entirely from outside, saving walking around with bread dough exposed to elements etc.

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