14 September 2009

Finishing oven

Despite having been baking now for nearly five whole weeks, the oven we're baking with isn't actually properly finished yet... When I realised it would work I just went ahead and commenced baking but it actually needs quite a bit of work still to insulate it and prevent heat loss. Why is this so important? If you've heard me rambling on about collecting wood so much, you'll realise the oven is consuming more firewood than I originally anticipated. Last night driving around at half past midnight collecting wood I decided it was time to finish the oven properly and in doing so make it more heat efficient and hopefully it will consume less wood!!
As you can see from the picture to the right, the oven is pretty much just the brick arch shell at the moment with a thin (about 40mm) layer of clay and cement mix plastered over it. The improvement plan would involve building up an outer wall around the oven on sides and rear about 150mm from the current wall of oven. The gap would then be filled with compacted clay soil and the top I would cover with roof sheeting. All in all it should look better (not so important) and use less firewood. The proof will be in the baking.

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