3 September 2009

Things seem a lot more on track. Only produced 125 breads today, but so far sold 124 of them. Keeping efficient at least. I really want to look into selling to a few of the local shops but have been hindered this week by a lack of transport. If I can get 10/20 fresh breads as samples and drive them around to a few places hopefully it will open up new sales avenues, lets see...
I had a late night last night helping witht he potato harvest. We're pulling up between two and three tons a day from the lands and I had to go and load 140 ten kg bags last night at 8pm. Sounds like quite a mission but it was actually very pleasant. Its a full moon at the moment and working by moonlight was quite a surreal experience.
Have posted a picture of the sunset over the bakery that I took last night. We're getting in to spring now but it already feels like summer with long hot days. Cutting wood with a bow saw was not fun this morning!

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