14 September 2009

fun filled afternoon

Summer has pretty much arrived here at last, the temperature was 33 degrees celcius this afternoon, that probably the hottest day we've had in a good few months.

I've been lucky enought to be house sitting for our pastor these last few days so I had good intentions this afternoon of cutting his grass for him so it looks nice and neat. Needless to say things never work out quite as planned, upon arriving at his house I smelt smoke and saw there was a small bush fire about 100 metres from the bottom of his lawn. Within 2 minutes it was about to engulf the wooden stables at the bottom of the garden and was rapidly encircling the house... Great, I thought, I've looked after the place well so far, am doing him a favour, and now just before his return the whole place is going to burn down... With my career's future on the line I found an old bucket and tin watering can and jumped into the thick of things trying to put out the flames. Of course I wasn't exactly dressed in the appropriate fire fighting attire, just board shorts and rubber slip slops (sandals) which melt if you get too close (its happened to me before). I called for re-enforcements and they eventually arrived much to my relief and allowing me to get on with the original task of mowing the grass.

After all the hot action by the house I was summoned back to the farm to go and choose a cow to be sold this evening. "They're only paying 8000 mets (about 2500 rand / 313 USD) so not a nice cow but not too small." I was told... Great but what does a 8000 met cow look like, smaller than a 10,000 one and bigger than 5,000 one I'm sure, but as I've never sold a cow before I was a bit lost. I did manage to pick out what I thought was an appropriate candidate only to find out it was a baby water buffalo, oops, anyway I left the decision to the herders in the end, but it'll be my ass on the line if its the wrong type!

What of my reward for putting life and limb at risk to save a property? I nice swim in the pool of course!

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