28 September 2009

oink oink ^..^

It seems that the friends of the piglet we so enjoyed on the weekend got wind of their lost brothers fate. They didn't fancy more of the same and made a break for freedom, twice. Both times they were rounded up and returned to their pen. The last time though minus one of the elder pigs. The runaway was missing for 24 hours before being spotted this afternoon, the guys managed to get a rope around it but buckled under the strain of his 100 kilograms and he got away. He could be hungry for revenge by now leaving a few people here scared to walk home in the dark!
Both bakers were back at work today and I think they finished the earliest ever. 135 breads baked by 6pm, not bad at all.
Going over the finances today I was a little disappointed to see that I had slightly overestimated one or two figures and our profits weren't quite where I thought they were. No major problems though, we're still in the black which is good for a small enterprise in its 7th week of operation. Things don't look like improving too much any time soon though as the time is rapidly dawning to start spending money finishing the building work, on the oven, and the tiling etc inside. I just left this when I realised I could start baking, but its really not professional to be working in an area thats not been properly finished. Costs to finish will be in the few thousand of rands (100's of dollars). But I am wary to borrow and would much prefer to earn the money and plough it in as I can afford it. Of course the more bread we sell the quicker this can be done!

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