21 September 2009

Tools of the trade; # 2 the 'bread flicker'

Another name I just made up, "the bread flicker". I know it looks just like a plank of wood, but honestly there's more to it than that! This simple tool is used to place the breads into the oven. As you can see from the photo (right) the breads are lined on to the flicker 3 at a time, also at this point they are scored along the top with a sharp knife. The breads are then manouvered into a row and with a slight flicking and tipping action they are slid off onto the oven floor, ready for cooking. Sound simple? well there's a bit more too it, as the bread is at dough stage it is very soft and pliable, if you flick too hard or they fall off they will collapse and lose shape, or worse, stick together leaving a tricky mess to sort out. The Flicker must be dusted down with flour on a regular basis to prevent the uncooked rolls sticking to it.

Once the breads are cooked they are more easily removed by the bread oven shovel.

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