22 September 2009

well oiled machine (Cars excluded)

Things are going like a boeing, everything that is but the cars... Alfonso is finding it a lot easier, and less lonely, having a partner to work with.

We could be in for an intersting week, Only 50kg of flour left in the store (about 3 days worth) and now we are having car trouble and have no cars on the farm. Tomorrow I was going to buy 200/250 kg of flour but it looks like we might not have a vehicle by then. At this rate my best plan might be to get a friend of mine, who's coming through with his daughter on wednesday night, to buy flour at a South African supermarket. Not the cheapest option, but do I have any choice? nope... but I hold thumbs our nissan hardbody will be ready for tomorrow (its gone to a mechanic in Nelspruit, South Africa about 400km away).

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