10 September 2009

All I need is... Wood

The beatles needed love but all I need is... wood!
Yes I'm still suffering from a lack of good firewood. I don't mind going into the bush, collecting and cutting myself but time is the main issue. Usually I only have some free time to do wood collection and cutting from about 4pm to 6pm. I have however discovered that there is LOTS of wood surrounding our fam, i just need transport and a helping hand to collect it. I walked for about 5km yesterday into the bush looking for one of the dogs that had gone missing. No sign of him but I did see lots of wood! Don't worry though dog returned home safely last night having freed himself from a snare that was around his waist.
I have also recently moved living quarters again, I'm now living in what was my old office, nice size, but not very homely. Unfortunately the nearest bathroom dos not have any hot water so last night saw me at 11pm kneeling in the bath tub washing from a bucket... Why a bucket? you may ask, well then you can mix hot water (boiled in the kettle) witht he cold from the tap to get a good (ish) temperature. All rather basic I know but thats life in the bush.

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