25 September 2009

Oh Dear

The clever marketing people at Nissan cam up with the slogan "Shift_expectations", great creative work one might think. Sure, I don't have huge expectations, but I do expect that when you turn the key in the ignition, the car starts. Unfortunately in the case of our car yesterday, this was too much to hope for. The car did make it to Maputo to do the shopping but its stranded there and the goods needed to be collected by someone else and brought here. Perhaps "shift_to-Toyota" would be more appropriate.
Anyhow the car was due back here at 3pm yesterday but the goods only arrived when my friend (in a working Toyota Hi-lux) went to pick them up and returned at 7:30pm. By this time my staff were on the verge of walking home. I had to pay them a bonus to stay on and actually bake last night as they were so fed up with waiting. On the good side, I do now at least have some flour to bake with!

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