24 September 2009

back on track

Thank goodness, last night saw the return of the infamous nissan from South Africa and its now running smoothly. This means I could send off the shopping trip this morning and will now have flour for tonights baking. Of course nothing is ever totally smooth sailing here, its raining today and I only put away a certain amount of wood under cover. So now I am short wood and the wood I have is wet. Perhaps I can put it into the oven and try to dry it out, lets see.

Yesterday I also received some nice emails from friends who had been reading the blog, thank you! good to see the word is spreading :)

One of the problems I have been encountering of late is broken bread. Sounds strange I know but if the bread does not cool properly it can break when transported. At the moment the bread is cooling by standing upright, as shown in the picture above. Speaking to Alfonso though I ascertained that I need some wooden trays for the breads to sit on whilst cooling off. These I will construct myself, but if I'm going to make a few trays I might as well construct a rack system so I can stack the trays efficiently. Am hoping to get a round to designing it today then I can get building next week.
This morning has already been quite hard work. I have dug and thrown concrete for two foundations, one on either side of the oven. These will support the outer wall of bricks that will provide the insulation I need for better thermal efficiency (so i won't need as much wood). I still need to buy the cement (about 6 bags) and bricks (about 100) but I also hope to get this for next week.

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