2 September 2009

at last...

Alfonso's return was a success last night I'm pleased to report. 140 breads made, 125 sold so far today, looks like things are back on track for now. I've spent the morning cleaning up the Bakery and cutting and chopping wood. I took a few guys out into the bush on Monday for a wood mission but most of that is now cut and some has already been burnt.
Wood consumption is definitely higher than I predicted. In fact a number of people warned me how much wood I'd need and I pretty much ignored them, now I'm seeing the light. Our other ministry in Nelspruit currently has the chainsaw so I think the plan will be to try and borrow it for a long weekend. Cut down as much wood as possible and then I can always saw it into the correct size pieces here on site.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Andy ! Your Mom's been telling me all your wonderful news about the bakery, and today I finally got to check out the blog, and I am in awe! Well done you ! I'll keep praying for your success, and strength..... the site for Mozbak 2 looks too divine, can I get job please ??
    Take good care, and happy baking ! Bev (SGGS) x