16 September 2009

It never stops...

I've been trying steadily for one hour to finish an assignment I'm working on but it seems I can't get a quiet moment to myself. I keep getting disrupted for the most random tasks. This morning it was to break into one of our buildings which is locked up so that I could flick on the power that had tripped. At least I learnt something, how to open a door thats locked by mortis lock with a crowbar, and leave no visible trace. Just as well I learnt how to do it as 10 mins later I was called back to do exactly the same thing! The cause of this circuit breaker tripping? Twelve, yes 12! cell phone chargers connected to one plug point via a network of extension cables and multi point plugs. You see there is no permanent electricity in the surounding community, so for most of our workers the farm is their power point for charging cell phones. It seems stupid but to avoid overloading our (already flimsy) wiring we will have to draw up a roster for people who want to charge their phones, so they'll get a certain time on a certain day when they charge them. Its the best idea we could think of for now, for a world so engaged with our cell phones these days I can't imagine the people of Cape Town or London, waiting their turn in a list to charge their cell phones!

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