11 September 2009

The big city

Last night I went through to pick up Alfonso at his place in the local village, see picture right. I must say it doesn't look like much, but he at least has a prime view over the river. During the course of my stay in Mozambique we have helped a number of the longer serving staff members to buy construction materials to build their own (bricks and cement) houses. Seeing the state of Alfonso's place yesterday showed me that this is something I would like to be able to do for him.

There is definitely potential to make the most from modest means. One of Alfonso's neighbours has gone for the mock provencal look, currently very trendy in the fancier suburbs of Cape Town and Johannesburg for around 2-3 million rand (200-300 thousand GBP / ) and up, this however can be yours in sunny Bela Vista, mozambique for a fraction of the amount.

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